Comfort Food

I had surgery yesterday and do you know what I was dreaming about and what I was talking about when I came to? Not my husband, not my son but food trucks. Crazy. Wouldn’t it be great to have Fiasco Gelato parked in my driveway sending soup and gelato up to me in bed? Ya, not gonna happen but a girl can dream.

It got me to thinking. Everybody has their own comfort foods, something that Mom made for you when you were home in bed sick. Some people have a special soup but mine is eggs. Even today when I make my eggs this way it feels like my Mom is right there, loving me.

It’s not very fancy but all you do is soft boil some eggs, I usually leave mine in there for about four minutes. Then when they are ready take them out of their shells, put them in a bowl and mush them up with a little salt. When I have this with toast it tastes just like Mom’s love.

I must be feeling better because that’s what I made this morning, a little bit of Mom’s love. Now back to bed.




3 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Ooh yummy!! I love soft boiled eggs and eat them daily. I’ve recently lost nearly 4 stone, you should go check out my before and after pictures on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing! Hope you make a speedy recovery from surgery.

    – The Dieting Gal X

    • Thanks so much. I took a look at your pics, congrats and good for you. I have been going through some weight loss as well and I hope to post more about it this week. Keep up the good work. Heather

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