A New Kind of Street Food for Lunch

I broke 40 for 40 today but it was so worth it!

Today was the debut of the summer collaboration between my favorite baker and my favorite baristas.  Phil and Sebastian have taken their mobile coffee cart on the road and are joined by Sidewalk Citizens Bakery’s famous bicycle.


It was a miserable day, cold and rainy.  I decided to make the short walk to the corner of 8th Avenue and 2nd Street SW and there they were, under the yellow canopy.

The coffee cart had everything and today I decided on my favorite, a mocha.

I was delighted with the treasures found on the bicycle cart.  In addition to the sweet and savory scones that I love there were sandwiches.  And these sandwiches were made with freshly baked ciabatta (they had only been out of the oven an hour) available in both vegetarian and meat options.  I think the flavours will change everyday but today I had the chicken, with tomato sake jam and red onions.  The sandwiches are kept warm in a special oven that looks like a cooler and are brought out as needed.  And then the best part, included with your sandwich you receive a complimentary brownie.


I had my food and coffee in hand and headed back to the office.  The coffee kept my hands warm and when I got back to the office the sandwich kept my tummy warm.  The bread was so fresh and the sandwich filling was just the right compliment, I especially liked the tangy tomato jam.  The sandwich was a little messy but that made it so much better.  When I finished the sandwich I just waited and let the flavor sit in my mouth for a little while.

The brownie and the last of my coffee provided the perfect sweet finish.


You can find the coffee cart and the bicycle out on Stephen Avenue during the summer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The best way to follow them is on Twitter at @avivfried and @philandseb and the bakery posts their scone and sandwich offerings every day.  You can pay using cash, credit or debit.

It’s going to be hard to stay focused this summer with these guys just down the street.  Or maybe I can just allow myself a treat everyone once in a while.


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