Morning Coffee is Changing

My routine over the last 2 years has been the same in the morning. Get my megabig coffee at the big chain and make my way to work to start my day. On the weekend I would drink the same, all from the big chain. But something has changed; I have not been satisfied with my coffee experience for the last couple of months. The taste has changed for me, it tastes mass produced (because it is). But I still went because I loved getting my megabig cup every morning. But I started thinking is all this coffee worth it if you are not fully satisfied with the taste? There has to be something better out there? I know, these are not really big problems but I wanted something different. Why should I drink bad coffee? And what was the thing that finally made me change? Two mornings in a row, walking to my office the sleeve on my cup came apart, hot coffee all over my hand. That was the last straw, coffee all over me and I didn’t even like the taste of it anymore. It was time for a change.

My absolute favorite coffee in the city is Phil and Sebastian. I have never had a bad cup of coffee there. My favorite is their Mocha but really I could drink Americano’s every morning if I could. The only problem, it is not convenient for me to get to one of their two locations before I get to work. They have one in Chinook Mall and another in Marda Loop. They have just recently opened up their pop-up cart on Stephen Avenue and I have taken to enjoying an afternoon latte there. It has been a highlight this past week and has given me a nice pick-up to get through the afternoon.

But there was still the issue with my morning coffee. Lucky for me there is a trendy little coffee place down the street from my office. And into my life came Caffe Rosso, hallelujah! They also have two shops, one in Ramsay and one in the Convention Centre on Stephen Avenue. I discovered they have a wonderful brewed coffee every morning. It may not be as large as the megabig cup, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

Now that I had my work coffee figured out it was time to focus on where to get good coffee close to home. When I do a search using “coffee” on my maps app on my phone in the area, it is pretty depressing. All the chains show up but no substance, except for one. This is one that I should have tried a long time ago but for some reason I had never had. Welcome Caffe Crema in Bridlewood. It is not my favorite coffee in town but it sure is better than anything in my area. It is a quirky, popular place. There are a lot of people popping in and out, with good reason. When I was off the week after my surgery I went to their shop three times. Every drink was tasty, and they take the care to do the coffee art which I always love. Are they Phil and Sebastian, no, are they better than the big chain, for sure. I will be visiting there again.

There is good coffee in this city. Get out there and discover it. These are only three; I know that there are many others. Try a local shop, get some freshly roasted coffee and enjoy.


One thought on “Morning Coffee is Changing

  1. Hey I’ve been going to cafe cremma for years….glad you tried it. I enjoy their red tea latte sometimes. I love cafe beano vietnamese coffee or just their americano etc. Have you tried Waves yet? I keep saying I will pop in.Joshua tree on Edmonton trail not bad, and Extreme Bean off Memorial and 33 rd I believe. Len just said Lazy loaf is good.

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