A Fun Opportunity

I had a chance to attend a really cool event yesterday, it was a warehouse party organized by Chef Cam Dobranski who is the chef/owner at Winebar, Brasserie Kensington and Muse Restaurant and Lounge.  There were many other people involved, people from within the restaurant industry, I kind of felt like a duck out of water.  I was asked what I did, and all I could really say was, “I like to eat”.  But seriously, it was a great opportunity for this fledgling blogger to get out and meet some people and introduce myself.  Everybody was so welcoming it made me feel excited to start exploring this wonderful scene that exists here in Calgary.

This is a blog about eating so I better tell you what I had to eat there.  I nibbled my way through the warehouse for the whole two hours I was there.  I started at the back where there were two gentlemen, one French and one Italian, introducing some of the supplies they import.  I didn’t get their names but I can tell you that I tried some very nice French ham with baguette.  But the best part was the Palme D’Or foie gras that I was told I could get at Lina’s Italian Market.  And my Italian friend had a tasty spread with mushrooms and truffle oil that he said I could get at Market 17.

As I moved on, there was an amazing display of olives and oil courtesy of Nefiss Lezizz.  Their product can be purchased at various markets throughout the city.  And they were giving out this lovely olive oil hand cream to all the ladies in the crowd.  I then made my way outside and there were some of my food truck friends, Jo Jo’s BBQ, Alley Burger and the Mighty Skillet.  They had their full menus but because I was only nibbling I stuck with my go to item, corn fritters from Jo Jo’s.  And it was a good thing too, because there was a BBQ going out back.  I stopped by there and was given this amazing wild boar sausage from Rocky Mountain Meats paired with a rosemary potato bun from Engel’s bakery.  It was so good; I have to figure out how to get some of that sausage in my freezer.


I headed back inside to visit some friends and sample their wares.  My favorite baker, Aviv Fried from Sidewalk Citizen’s Bakery, was there with his amazing sourdough.  It’s always nice to see him.  And then I was able to reconnect with a familiar face I haven’t seen for a long time, Eric Giesbrecht, who is THE oyster man in town.  He set up an impromptu oyster bar and I loved it.  I haven’t had an oyster in a long time and these were a great way to finish the eating.


I can’t forget the good people from Village Brewery and Root Stock Wines.  Don’t be angry people, but I did not have any beer, I am not really a beer person.  But I can say that the wine was great.  It came from a keg and it was surprisingly good.  If I wasn’t driving I surely would have had some more.

There were shopping opportunities as well.  I met Louis of C2 Distribution and he sells china.  I talked with him about stemware, cups and plates.  He was very accommodating and I think I will be calling him soon for some new wine glasses.  And not to be forgotten, the guys from Knifewear and Medium Rare Chef were selling stuff too.  I didn’t spend too much time with the knives but when my husband and I are ready I will go check out their store down in Inglewood.  The Medium Rare Chef guys were great, they not only sell gear for chefs but t-shirts and hoodies too.  I picked up a t-shirt for myself, AND the guys gave me a t-shirt to give away which was so generous.  So stay tuned for that, I’ll be putting a blog post together soon for the giveaway.


All in all I had a great time; I even got to meet Xavier Lacaze, Executive Chef at Muse restaurant who is also competing on the recent installment of Top Chef Canada.  Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.


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