A Late Lunch

This city has been going crazy for burgers right now and one of the new places that recently opened is Clive Burger from Justin Leboe of Model Milk Restaurant.

When I found out I would be getting this past week off it was my goal to give this place a try, so off I went on a sunny warm afternoon.  I wasn’t sure where it was so I parked and went for a little walk.  There it was snuggled right beside Melrose Café, I almost missed it.


I walked in and there was a large menu board waiting for my order.  There are many options available, you could eat here every day and not have the same burger twice, and I love that.  I had another stop so I decided to only order a hamburger.  On it I had lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, fried onions, an egg and topped it off with the Clive sauce.  I was thinking about getting a shake but I opted for a soda instead.

I was handed a pager and told it would ring when my food was ready, perfect.  I explored the restaurant and even though it was quiet in the back there was a lot of room for hungry patrons.  I love how the room is decorated; the orange chairs pop with the black and white walls.  The wood tables and stools make the place feel modern and homey all at the same time.


My pager went off and I picked up my order and chose to sit by the open front windows so I could enjoy the sun and soak up the atmosphere.  I opened my bag and look at this beauty.


Soft, delicious bread with fresh veggies, I couldn’t wait to dig in.  The best surprise was the egg, it was cooked to perfection.  It was soft enough to break all over my burger but hard enough to keep me from looking like a complete mess.  The Clive sauce was also a nice change to the standard ketchup.  I know I could get any other combination I wanted but this was so good I think I’ll be getting it again.

Another nice touch, there are no garbage bins, only recycle and compost bins.  This says it all.


So burger in tummy I was ready for a short walk to another place I was desperate to try, for dessert, Jelly Modern Donuts.  I entered the shop and it was quiet as it was the middle of the afternoon.  I was thankful for that as it gave me time to take all the delicious, unique flavours in.


I decided I would enjoy a full size donut in the shop and take home half a dozen minis for my boys and me to share.  I ordered a goat cheese, mint and citrus donut.  The donut was so light and the unique flavours were a perfect blend, I almost ordered another one on the spot.

Now I had to decide which ones to take home.  I took a couple of maple bacon and a couple of caramel salt for my husband and me.  Then I got a couple of chocolate flavored ones for my son.  What a hit, I am so glad that I don’t get down there very often as I would be pigging out on donuts all the time.

I must also say that the girl serving me was super sweet.  I really enjoyed my experience.

One more thing about both these places, they both source their ingredients locally and make everything fresh on site every day.  Can I say again that I love what is happening in this city right now.  Good food!

You can find Clive Burger at 736 17th Avenue SW and on Twitter at @CliveBurger17.  Jelly Modern Donuts are at 1414 8th Street SW and @JellyModern.  I highly recommend both.


2 thoughts on “A Late Lunch

  1. I had my first Jelly Modern Doughnuts maple bacon doughnut today… SO GOOD!! I only wish they would post all their nutritional information online.That would definitely make it easier for me to enjoy them. It’s just how I roll!

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