40 for 40 Update – June 9

This post is late, I should have posted on Saturday and I even considered not posting at all but I’m trying to stay accountable.

The theme this week is you can eat the right foods but if you are not taking care of your body then you are not going to lose weight.  As luck would have it I ended up working a lot of extra hours this week.  As a result I was eating suppers later and going to bed later yet still waking up at the same time.  By the time Friday night rolled around I was exhausted and my body was spent.

And you could see the results Saturday morning on the scale.  You can’t run your body into the ground and expect to lose weight.  I’m pretty sure I put my poor body in survival mode and it was just hanging on for dear life.

I was lucky, there was no weight loss but there was no weight gain either.  I continue to ride at 15 pounds total down.  Stayed tuned to see if I can break this anytime soon.


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