Golden Village Day

I am always looking for unique, good eating experiences in my area. I love my neighborhood but it is not exactly known for its good restaurants. When my friend Anita posted on Twitter that there was a place serving delicious Vietnamese subs in Midnapore I was paying attention.

The place is Golden Village and it is not new. In fact, the family has been making Chinese food in the same place for 23 years. In an effort to rebrand, the older generation has let the kids take over for lunch. And they are making some good food. They offer only the Vietnamese subs and Bubble Tea for lunch but really that is all they need.

I couldn’t believe I didn’t even know about this restaurant. It is not a big place, a counter and some benches while people wait for their take away.

My boys and I went for lunch one Sunday. We ordered and they immediately made our drinks and we sipped away while they made our subs. My son, to my shock, drank his Taro with gusto. In fact he was doing quite well until he discovered the “blueberries” in the bottom then he was done. Myself, I ordered the Avocado Bubble Tea on suggestion from Anita, and I was not disappointed.


When our sandwiches were ready we took them home. My husband had the Butter Chicken and I had the Korean. These were, as promised, delicious. The bread and the vegetables were fresh but best of all the meat fillings were complex and flavourful. My only problem was when I hit the jalapenos; I should have asked them to hold them. My mouth was on fire and I had to pick around the rest of my sandwich. I learned my lesson there.

Our Sunday went on and when it was time for dinner my husband and I decided we weren’t in the mood to cook. Based on our amazing lunch experience we decided to order in Chinese from Golden Village. They told us on the phone our order would take an hour to deliver and we were fine with that. We waited for almost 75 minutes and our order finally came.

We sat down and the food was lukewarm and soggy. Because of our lunch experience we were disappointed and we have definitely had better Chinese food in the area. The one high point however was the Wonton Soup. The broth had a rich, homey taste and this would definitely be something I would order in on a wintery night to warm me up.

So the overall verdict with Golden Village, skip dinner and go for lunch. You can find them on Twitter at @goldenvillage8 and physically at 227 153 Avenue SE, right in behind the Esso in Midnapore.




3 thoughts on “Golden Village Day

  1. Thanks for the tip, Heather! We will definitely try them out for lunch one day. I am in Midnapore every now and then to scout the Value Village there and have never found good food. My one restaurant experience in the area was actually so bad that my husband and I got the giggles while trying to eat and then left most of the food on our plates.

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