Calgary is Awesome – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my Calgary is Awesome series inspired by Julie Van Rosendaal.  If you haven’t already seen her post you can find the link right here.

Julie chose Sidewalk Citizen’s Bakery as her second choice and I really have to agree.  Through Twitter, I discovered the bakery last fall.  At that point you could only get bread from select markets throughout the city, bread delivered by bike (yes by bike) or directly from the bakery only on Fridays and Saturdays. My small family quickly became addicted to the bread and the many other treats.

What drew us in was the quality of the product.  And personally, I feel good supporting a business that uses local, organic, seasonal ingredients.  One of the reasons why I keep going back is because of “the commotion” that it is called in their weekly newsletter.  Aviv Fried, who is the head baker, his partner Michal and their diligent team of bakers welcome you in with their lovely smiles.

And Aviv and crew are constantly surprising me with yummy treats every week.  Do not ask me to name a favorite item because I can’t.  I usually get sweet scones for my breakfast on the weekend but it is so hard to choose between everything else.  Some weeks I get brownies, other weeks it is the sticky buns, occasionally we will get Pain au Chocolat and the list goes on and on.

And the surprises expand beyond the bakery.  In the past year I have been lucky enough to participate in some of the collaborations that Aviv and Michal have been involved in.  At the beginning of the year they hosted Charpop in their kitchen with local Calgary favorites John and Connie from Charcut and Toronto chef Grant van Gameren.  It was a privilege to be able to eat a meal at Calgary’s first popup style restaurant.

And that’s not all.  For the summer months, courtesy of Colin Metcalfe, you can find unique and delicious sandwich combinations street side and in the bakery.  Tuesdays to Thursdays the sandwiches are on Stephen Avenue Mall with Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters pop-up stand.  Fridays and Saturdays the sandwiches can be found at lunch time in the bakery.

I am so pleased to now consider Aviv and Michal my friends and I am extremely happy that they are here in our city.  Check them out because they are really helping make Calgary an awesome place!


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