Calgary is Awesome – Day 4

It’s stinking hot outside! So right now, what is awesome about our city? The ice cream of course!

In the old days my family made the short trip to My Favorite Ice Cream Shop for a scoop or two. It was the place to be and if you could play a decent tune on the piano (not Heart and Soul OR Chopsticks) your ice cream was free!

These days I seek more sophisticated fare that still puts that smile on my face. There are two cool, sweet treat places that fit the bill.

The first one is Fiasco Gelato. Once upon a time you could visit their shop on 4th Street but these days you’ll find them mostly out there with their food truck, Elie. Or you can go visit them in their Cucina on Meridian Road SE; they usually sell pints there on Friday afternoons. They also sell batches to many restaurants that take the amazing flavours and incorporate them into tasty desserts.

What I like most is that they are small, handcrafted, fresh batches of heaven made with love. And, as always, don’t ask me to choose a favorite flavour, each one makes me happy. I think most people choose the Salted Caramel but you can’t count out the Maple Bacon, or how about the Peanut Butter and Jam, or what about the S’mores, or Raspberry Lime, or the Watermelon? You kind of get the idea. And what I like the most is I can go and have a visit with the crew on a Friday afternoon and I feel like part of the family. One afternoon I even got to try their “afterschool special”, mojito. I know they have even made gelato with Village Beer, now that is awesome! Find them here or track them on twitter @fiascogelato

Can’t find Fiasco Gelato, why don’t you try out the newly opened Village Ice Cream at 431 10th Street SE. Go right to the end of 10th Street and there you are. Billy and crew are there serving up chilled and creamy tasty treats! You can eat your ice cream there on the newly built deck or take home pints to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, because really do you want to be in public when you can’t stop eating this yummy goodness? They also have the very popular Salted Caramel and many others but don’t forget to try their local, seasonal items as well. Who could resist the Oaxacan Chile Chocolate with a kick, or the almost fresh out of the oven Lemon Poppyseed, or the refreshing Hibiscus Juniper? You know you need to go cool down, so get down there and try this place out. Track them on twitter @villageicecream

Yes it is hot out there but these are just two local places that are helping to cool Calgary down while making it awesome!

And do you want to find out what else makes Calgary awesome. Well check out the rest of my posts and how about the original that inspired it all by Julie Van Rosendaal. Her post is here.


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