Calgary is Awesome – Day 8

What is more Calgary than the Calgary Tower?

Somewhere in my family there is this great postcard of the Calgary skyline sometime in the early 1970’s. There is the Calgary Tower standing tall and proud all by itself. I really wish I could find it to share with you so you could see it in the early days. Instead, here is a picture from the Glenbow Museum archives that kind of gives you an idea.

I was reminded this past week how great this attraction truly is.

My office was treated to a staff lunch at Sky 360. While we were in the elevator riding to the top there was a buzz. My co-workers were talking about how long it had been since they had been to the Tower for a visit and they were excited. Then the doors opened and everyone flooded out. Instead of going down the stairs to the restaurant everyone immediately walked over to the windows to check out the view. It was fun to see all these adults with wonder on their face and a sparkle in their eyes, like children. I hated to have to go round them all up so we didn’t miss our lunch reservation.

And the smiles continued as we went downstairs to Sky 360. It was such a nice treat to enjoy great food while we rotated around checking out all the different parts of the city. It was a unique meal that brought us together as we learned more about each other through our observations of Calgary. Everyone had a personal story to share about a building they knew, or a street and I don’t think I would have necessarily learned some of those things if we had stayed on the ground.

And oh yah, the restaurant was pretty great too. Here is my crème brulee and a picture of me enjoying it because as one colleague pointed out, you need to show people more than just your food!

It was a great lunch and I strongly suggest you check out the Calgary Tower because it is awesome!

And of course, check out the post by Julie Van Rosendaal on the Calgary is Awesome website that inspired all this. You can find it here.


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