Calgary is Awesome – Day 9

I love France! Nine years ago my husband and I spent a month there and it pretty much changed my life. It was there, in that month, priorities shifted and even more important, my husband proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower. Today is Bastille Day and nine years ago, to the day, we sat all afternoon on the lawn of the Champ de Mars waiting for the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower.

So what does all this have to do with my series on Calgary? Well, I thought Bastille Day would be a good time to talk about my favorite spots in Calgary that make me feel like I am back in Paris.

Every morning, it was required that we go to the patisserie or the boulangerie for breakfast. In the first week we ate croissants and then we switched over to pain au chocolat. No matter where we went the pastry was light and fluffy and the taste was amazing. This is a special thing that is hard to capture back here at home. But recently we discovered one place that is doing it right, Pascal’s Pastries. What is special about these guys is you buy their product frozen, take it home and make it yourself. They sell a variety of products but our favorite is the pain au chocolat. The smell from those lovely treats permeated our house for the rest of the day and tasted just like the ones we ate while we were in France. You can find them on Twitter at @pascalspastries and also on their website at It is on the website where you can find out where you can buy their product. They not only show where you can get the frozen product but which cafés in town bake them and offer them for sale ready to go. My favorite place to get these is at Casel Marche.

And that leads me to my next place. Casel Marche is located at 2503 17 Avenue SW and it is there you can find a little bit of everything. On the main floor there are three places that I love, Market 17 with coffee by Vie Café, J Webb Wine Merchants and Cassis Bistro. This is a treasure that I wish was located closer to my house. Market 17 stocks homegrown products and promotes shopping locally whenever they get a chance, which is a cause near to my heart. I can buy ingredients for a meal there and then walk over to J Webb Wine. There I can choose something to go with my meal from their collection of not just wine but beer as well. Then after I am done I can get a coffee at Vie Café. What is even better? If I don’t feel like cooking at all I can go to Cassis Bistro for the best French meal you can get in the city. Magnifique! Find them all on Twitter at @caselmarche @caselmarket17 @jwebbwine @viecafe @cassisbistro

I love Calgary but isn’t it great to have these places here? Viva la France!

There is one day left in my ten day series on why Calgary is awesome. Who inspired this, Julie Van Rosendaal of course? Check out here post on the Calgary is Awesome website here.


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