New York City – Street Food

Last weekend my husband and I dropped off the small child at Grandma’s house and made our way to New York City to visit some of my family, and what a great place to visit.  Those of you who have already been there know what I am talking about. New York City has this amazing energy about it, it moves quickly and you just hang on for the ride.

The best way to put it is the city is an assault on your senses.  The yellow cabs rule the roads with their crazy driving and loud horns.  The sidewalks are lined with people, both locals and tourists alike.  The tourists are gawking at all around them and the locals walk swiftly by.  And the best part of all?  You are not going to starve in this city.  There is a food cart on every corner.  In the morning they serve pastries, donuts and egg sandwiches.  Then when you walk by the same cart later in the day they have transformed into hot dog and halal carts, smelling good and trying to get you to stop for a snack.  And that is just on the streets.

So this foodie was a little overwhelmed, there was so much to eat!  Even though we were kind of on a budget for this trip and only had one splurge, we ate well.  It’s easy to do in a city like New York.  And it’s because of this I have decided to do a three post series on my eating experiences in this amazing city.

I was talking about food carts so I think street food is a good place to start.  Even though we did not eat at one of these carts we did indulge in some street food.  Where we stayed in Midtown Manhattan there were lots of food trucks hanging around at lunch time.  We were walking around earlier in the day and saw some that were getting ready to open but weren’t quite ready yet.  But you know me, I love those food trucks so we eventually found one that was open and stopped for a bite.

We walked up to this amazing looking truck called Nuchas NYC.  You know I have a food truck problem when I say to my husband, now that’s a good lucking truck.  It had presence, it was clean and shiny and I knew the food would be good.  These guys serve empanadas and really that is great street food, easily portable tasty packages.  They had a combo on, buy 3 for $10 and so that’s what we did.  We picked the Short Rib from their meaty selections, the Spicy Cheese from their veggie selections and finished off with their sweet.  All were delicious but the Spicy Cheese was our favorite.  The cheese combination with the onions and the dough were perfect.

Later on in our weekend we discovered the Street Market.  On Saturday it took over about 10 blocks of 6th Avenue, on Sunday it was the same for Madison Avenue.  It was just blocks upon blocks of food, flea market, reggae music and people.  It was great.  On Saturday we were out and about at noon and enjoyed the atmosphere as we walked down to the Union Square area.  When we came back later around 4pm the market was still there.  We decided to stop at an Arepas tent because we have never had one of those before.

So what is an arepa?  The one we had was kind of like a grilled cheese sandwich.  Instead of bread there were two cornbread flat pancakes and instead of cheddar there was mozzarella.  We had ours hot off the grill and they were so good.  I love cornbread and this new to me treat really made me smile with its cheesy, sweet goodness.

So what’s next?  Stay tuned for some pie, pizza pie!


3 thoughts on “New York City – Street Food

  1. Welcome back to Calgary! Your instagram pics of NY food have been driving me crazy (in a good way)! Looking forward to your thoughts on the pizza!!!

  2. Welcome back to Calgary! Your Instagram pictures of NY food has been driving me crazy (in a good way)! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the pizza!!!

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