40 for 40 Update – September 29

The last three weeks have been hard. I’m going to be honest, I have been discouraged and that’s why I have not written anything. When I started back at the beginning of September I felt motivated and ready to work. And the first week went great! But then life hit. It is so easy to share the success when it happens but sharing the failure is difficult. A friend of mine encouraged me to post anyway so I am going to do that.

Two weeks ago when I stepped on the scale, even though I had a great week, I gained two pounds back! Then I continued to have a terrible week, not making smart choices and not even really taking care of myself. Last week I didn’t even bother stepping on the scale.

Last week I decided I would hit the reset button, yet again, and start fresh on Monday. So that’s what I did, it’s all I can do. You guys are probably sick of hearing this but I just need to keep trying. So stepping on the scale today was a little scary, but I did it. Writing this post is a little scary, but I did it. Today’s result? I’m down a pound from the last time I stepped on the scale and I’ll take it. So today, September 29, I am 8.5 pounds down.


4 thoughts on “40 for 40 Update – September 29

  1. You can only do your best Heather. I admire you strength to admit your failures and your tenacity to keep trying to reach your goal. Hugs

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