Eggs Benedict-Calgary

I love breakfast, who doesn’t?  In particular I’m fond of Eggs Benedict. This is not a treat you exactly eat everyday but if I happen to have a day off from work and everything else, this is something I will indulge in.  To me, there is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of coffee, the bright sun and soft gooey, saucy eggs.

This past Friday I was lucky enough to try a place that has long been on my list.  Tucked away in Bridgeland is a place called Blue Star Diner.  It’s located at 809 1 Avenue NE, just off Edmonton Trail.  It’s not a big place but the warm décor immediately welcomed me in.

I was yet to have my first cup of coffee for the day so I was pleased to enjoy a hot cup from the local boys of Fratello. Then I was ready to make my benny decision.

Blue Star has four benny options to choose from, back bacon with grilled tomato, smoked salmon with avocado, blue star burger benny and Broek pulled pork.  All with local, fresh ingredients it was hard to make a decision but the pulled pork was calling my name.  I didn’t have to wait long and soon this plate of heaven came to my table.

When cut, the eggs exploded perfectly over the pulled pork.  I also really enjoyed trying to find the perfect bite ratio of pork, egg, potato and chive.  The potatoes were a perfect complement to the eggs, crispy on the outside, melting in my mouth on the inside.

Even though I have many other places to try this one will be seeing a repeat visit.

One other place I like to go when I feel like a drive is the Chuckwagon Café in Turner Valley.  Now a lot of people in town like to go here for burgers.  I have yet to do that because I am so addicted to the flat iron steak benedict.  There are many other options but this one has my heart.

At the base is a croissant sliced in two and grilled.  Then comes the juicy, fresh from the field steak and perfectly cooked farm fresh eggs.  Finally topped with a healthy dollop of hollandaise sauce and served with a delicious side of potatoes.  This makes the drive well worth it.  And the view from the back isn’t that bad either.

Yes, this was taken in the summer but isn’t it lovely?

Now I just have to wait for my kid to grow up a little more so I can take him to all the great brunch spots I want to try on the weekend.


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