The Food Blog Break is Over!

Hello my friends, I am glad to be emerging from the first quarter of the year and slowly getting things back to normal. That includes resuming my blog. So be patient with me, this first post back is going to be a long one. It’s been a couple of months and I have a lot of catching up to do.

So I guess I will start with an update of what has been going on. The best place to begin is Project 40 for 40. I am just shy of my 40th birthday and I must tell you I haven’t stepped on a scale for about a month or so. I know I haven’t lost any weight because I haven’t been able to maintain the planning I need to do to make the weight loss happen. My treadmill has lain dormant and I have lost my focus. BUT, I haven’t given up, I will never give up. Now that things are starting to rebalance for me I plan to get back to my healthy eating plan and exercise. I have a full year to make 40 for 40, and if I need to change it to 41 for 41, so be it. I’ll talk more about 40 for 40 in a minute.

Now I want to talk about the blog itself. I started this blog about a year ago and I didn’t have a plan for it. I really just wanted to start sharing and learning more about food. I know I have accomplished this. How do I know? Well, my fellow foodies you are going to laugh at these examples but I am going to share anyway.

I am cooking more than I ever have, and I am starting to branch out and try different things, for me anyway. My husband and I were watching the first episode of Top Chef Canada together and one of the challenges was to prepare mirepoix. My husband asked me what that was. I can honestly say that if he asked me that a year ago I wouldn’t be able to answer. But this year I knew for sure, because I made my own chicken stock and prepared my own mirepoix. This is all thanks to the informative and tasty Soup Sisters cookbook that was released this past year. Not only are the recipes delicious but Pierre Lamielle’s prep illustrations are foolproof.

And that leads me to a few more funny examples. This year was the year I learned how to cut an onion and not cry my eyes out. I also cut and pitted my first avocado, made my first butter chicken and made chicken wings for the first time.

So I have had a chance to look at where I have come this year. I have accomplished what I wanted to do. I am learning and talking about food. Now what? Well, it’s time to refocus and think about what I would like to do with this blog. What are you going to see this year as I move forward?

That leads me back to 40 for 40. I will talk about that again this year but not just yet. I’m not quite ready to get my head back in that game. But when I am ready I will start posting what is happening with my weight loss.

And what else are you going to see? My biggest goal is to try and post on a regular basis. I have been thinking a lot about what that is going to look like. My inspiration came from my Instagram posts that seemed to happen on Saturday nights while my husband was out. Once my kid was in bed I had a treat, just for me. Instead of posting my treats on Instagram you will have to swing on by every Sunday to see my new post starring my Treat of the Week. Yes, I am starting the Treat of the Week!

What else is going to happen? Every month I will do one other post about something food related that is inspiring me. And it could be about anything. I might do a restaurant review or talk about a new recipe I have tried. Who knows what it will be about but I know it will be fun!

That’s where I am at. I’m looking forward to sharing more Eating and Tasting Stories with you this year and continue on my food journey.

Come join me this Sunday for my Treat of the Week.



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