April 14 – Treat of the Week – Pain au Chocolat

This past Friday, after I put my kid to bed I started to think about Saturday morning breakfast.  It has been a busy couple of weeks for us and I haven’t had a chance to do a proper shop for a while.  My cupboards and fridge were bare, except for breakfast cereal.  And truth be told, I had being eating cereal all week for my snacks so that was the last thing I wanted for Saturday breakfast.  I wanted something special.  I didn’t even have any eggs in my house.

Desperately, I looked in my freezer for any inspiration.  And then there it was shining out from its little spot nestled among the ice cubes, one package of Pascal’s Patisserie frozen pain au chocolat!  I know I have talked about Pascal’s before on my blog but because they were my breakfast savior this week I thought it would be great to tell you again about their products, in particular my favorite, their pain au chocolat.

If you go visit Lison and Pascal at their kitchen located at 101, 5240 1A Street SE in Calgary, you will meet a couple dedicated to their love of French pastry.  Pascal is the chef behind the product and if you go to visit them he will be busy at his work.  When I went last he was pounding butter, prepping for all those layers of pastry.  And his partner Lison is the lovely face at the front telling you about their products and sharing their goal of bringing “pastry to the people”.  Their passion for their products is infectious and you can’t help but leave their kitchen with a smile on your face.

So back to this past Friday night, just before bed I took my lovingly prepared pain au chocolat out of the freezer.  I placed them with great care on my cookie sheet to let them rise while I slept my night away.

Pascal's Patisserie frozen pain au chocolat

In the morning when I arose all I needed to do was to turn my oven on and place the risen pastries inside.  Then about 15 minutes later these beauties came out and were ready to eat.  My special Saturday morning breakfast was ready to go, with pastry and chocolate that melted in my mouth.  Served with a hot cup of coffee and my weekend was off to a great start.

Pascal's Patisserie pain au chocolat

So where can you get your very own Pascal’s Pastries?  You can get them directly from their headquarters, which is fun because you can see Pascal and Lison working away at their craft.  They are also available at various shops or cafes throughout Calgary.  Personally, I am often at Market 17 at Casel Marche so I get mine there.  You can also find a full list of vendors on their website at www.pascals.ca.

Thanks to Pascal and Lison for my special breakfast and all their other amazing products.  And let’s spread the word, pastry to the people!



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