April 21 – Treat of the Week – Candied Ginger Scones

Laugh if you must but there was another first in my kitchen this weekend.  I baked my first scones and it was super easy.  This is how it came to be.

If you are interested in the local food scene, then Global TV is the place to be at 9:50 on Saturday mornings.  Yesterday the lovely Gwendolyn Richards, writer for the Calgary Herald and her own blog www.patentandthepantry.com, was on baking Candied Ginger Scones.

Now I love to bake but for some reason I have never decided to make scones.  So what made me want to try it this time?  Maybe it had something to do with one of my favorite flavours, ginger.  But I think it had something more to do with the frozen butter she grated into the ingredients, it intrigued me.  As I watched I craved the ginger and thought I can do that.

So I immediately ran to my kitchen and dropped a stick of butter in my freezer.  The only ingredient I was missing was the ginger and I had to go out shopping anyway so that was an easy fix.

We were having some friends over so I didn’t have a lot of time, but you don’t need a lot of time to make these.  The prep for the dough is quick and for my oven, they only took twenty minutes to bake.

In Gwendolyn’s own words, the finished product was spicy and sweet.  Not only that, but they were light as a feather.  It was my pleasure to share this delicious treat with my friend on a snowy Saturday afternoon.

So here’s what the finished product looked like but if you want the recipe you will have to go to Gwendolyn’s website, www.patentandthepantry.com, or check out Saturday’s edition of the Calgary Herald.


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