YYC Spring Food Truck Frenzy – April 26, 2013

It doesn’t always happen but I hit it lucky this week. I am taking some vacation time and I was pleased to discover that this Friday there is a Food Truck Frenzy. I don’t get to go to many of these and as you all know I love my food trucks.

Even though these events are very busy I highly recommend that you go check this out. The vibe is fun and the food is worth it. You can find all the festivities down on the Riverwalk in the East Village starting at 11:00 am going to 7:00 pm. Admission is free with a non-perishable food donation. Check out the flyer below for all the details.

So, I thought it might be fun to draw on my food truck experience and give you some tips to help you wade through the day.

It sounds like the weather is going to cooperate but I would suggest that you bring a coat anyway, preferably something waterproof. You never know in Calgary right? And speaking about clothing, I always try to wear comfortable shoes. You will be standing in line for a little while so you might as well be comfortable.

Although most of the food trucks sell drinks I always try to keep a bottle of water on hand. If you are waiting in line and get thirsty it does come in handy. I also have some gum or a candy with me in case my stomach gets hungry while I wait. That little bit will tide me over but not fill my stomach before the main event.

The last piece of advice I will give you is to bring cash. Not all the trucks have the technology to accept plastic. There is nothing worse than missing out on the truck you want to try because you can’t pay!

So I will see you all down there. I’ll be in line for Sticky Ricky’s for sure. I hear they have amazing food and I haven’t tried them yet. And who knows what else; I always try to keep an open mind because that’s when some of my best food adventures happen.

I’m not sure of the final list of trucks attending but I’d be interested to know who are you excited to try. Let me know below.

YYC Food Truck Frenzy


2 thoughts on “YYC Spring Food Truck Frenzy – April 26, 2013

  1. I was at last years and it was insane. Fun but insane! Glad the venue has changed although I won’t be able to attend anyway. I really want to try Perogy Boyz. One day! For future reference do you know what the parking situation is like in East Village? Hope you have fun and that the weather cooperates!

    • Hey there. It was a great time. The Perogy Boyz were there and every one of the trucks were all lined up. When you make it to their truck I suggest you try the Mexican perogies, those are my favorite. And there is lots of street parking down at the East Village, you just need to feed the meter. Thanks for the comment!

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