April 28 – Treat of the Week – Holidays

This past week has been a great gift as I had some time off to recharge the batteries.  There were way too many treats this week to feature just one, so I have decided to share some photos of the highlights.

Blondes Diner Mushroom Benny

A delicious start on Monday, the Mushroom Benny with a refreshing Kale salad with Buttermilk Dressing, from Blondes Diner.

Rimrock Room View

A trip on Tuesday and Wednesday to Banff and this was the view from my room at the Rimrock Resort.

Rimrock Prosecco

A refreshing glass of prosecco was the perfect complement to the view from the Larkspur Lounge at the Rimrock.

Rimrock Pretzel Bun Beef Dip

And this Beef Dip on a pretzel bun with a side of sweet potato fries was tasty too!

Sticky Ricky's Catfish Po' Boy

On to Friday and the food truck frenzy down at the Riverwalk in the East Village.  I started out with the Catfish Po’ Boy sandwich from Sticky Ricky’s.  The sandwich was spicy and flavorful with a tangy slaw on top.  And the bread was soft and fresh too.

Naaco Truck Empa'naaco

The next stop was the Naaco Truck and their Empa’Naaco filled with mushrooms and beans with a side of pineapple chutney.  Absolutely amazing!

Fiasco Gelato Brioche

And to finish, the newest treat from Fiasco Gelato. A brioche served with banana gelato and gooey chocolate sauce.  A wonderful way to finish.

It’s been a great time but I’m going to have to revisit some fruits and vegetables this week.  Maybe that will be next week’s treat, I’ll see you then.



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