May 5 – Treat of the Week – Vasili’s

I should be posting this week about a burger in support of YYC Burger Week.  Sadly, I have not had a chance yet to get out and enjoy the delicious offerings.  BUT, hopefully I will get out this week and if you like burgers I encourage you to do the same.  Some local chefs have come up with some pretty tasty offerings in support of charity.  How it works?  Go check out the website and find out what restaurants are making special burgers.  Eat the burger and the restaurant will donate a dollar to the charity it is supporting.  Then head on over to the YYC Burger Week website and vote for your favorite.  You have until May 10 to enjoy all the meaty goodness and hopefully I’ll see you out there.

Now onto this week’s treat.  I had been eating vegetables all week to make up for all the fun things I ate last week.  But Friday I cracked, the sun was out and I was ready for something different.  I checked out the Street Food app on my phone and the Vasili’s Food Truck was near my office at the newly built Bow building.  Now these ladies are great, their food is fresh, local and healthy.  And another great thing, they have their Mom on the truck preparing all the food.  Who wouldn’t want to have food cooked by Mom?

What did I have this time?  I decided on the Big Bird sandwich with its pillowy soft pita, fresh vegetables, and perfectly cooked chicken.  The very best thing about all of Vasili’s sandwiches is the creamy, melt in your mouth, Macedonian feta.  It was my great joy to have one of those pieces of cheese in my last bite.

Vasilis Big Bird

On Friday, the girls were serving up their Greek Chocolate Chip cookie so of course I had to have this too.  The cookie was delicious and the best thing was the orange essence inside.  It stayed with me for the rest of the day and reminded me that I had a bit of cooking by Mom for lunch.

Vasilis Greek Chocolate Chip Cookie

So check out these ladies, they are one of the trucks that post their location on the Street Food app so they are easy to find.  They also post their daily menu offerings on their website.

Vasilis Food Truck

Thanks for the break from the routine Vasili’s and providing me with the highlight of my week.


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