May 12 – Treat of the Week – Tutti Frutti Froyo

About a month or so ago it was my great pleasure to be invited to a pre-opening event at a new place serving frozen yogurt at 858 16 Avenue SW.  I had such a great time and really enjoyed the product.  The place is called Tutti Frutti and this is how it works.  You pick a cup, fill it up with one or more of the amazing flavors available and top it with just about whatever you want.  Then you pay by the weight of the creation in your cup.  This is how it looked about a month ago.

Tutti Frutti Froyo

Then this week I was lucky enough to be invited again to try the new Tutti Frutti opening at South Trail Crossing at Unit 23, 4307 – 130 Avenue SE.  This time I was invited to bring my family along.  Funny thing though, my picky eater son turns up his nose at even the mention of yogurt.  So we started out by telling him we were going to try a new ice cream place.  He was ok with that.  Then we told him that this ice cream place calls its ice cream, Fro Yo.  That worked too so away we went.

We got there and here is a look at the couple of creations we came up with.

Tutti Futti Froyo Creation 1

My first delicious cup had Death by Chocolate, Watermelon and Mango with a whack of yummy toppings.

Tutti Frutti Froyo Creation 2

And here is a look at the refreshing second cup with TF Tart, Lychee and Taro.

We had such a great time, and guess what my son was singing in the car on the way home?  Get your Tutti Frutti on!  Guess he liked it too.

Tutti Frutti

Now that the weather is warmer what a perfect treat.  Check out either location and find them on Facebook or on Twitter at @TFFroyoYYC. Don’t you think it’s time to get your Tutti Frutti on?


One thought on “May 12 – Treat of the Week – Tutti Frutti Froyo

  1. Hi Heather, thanks so much for your kind words. Love having you as a customer and we’re glad your family enjoys our froyo too!

    See you soon.

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