May 19 – Treat of the Week – Charcuterie Board

This week’s treat is really a hodge podge of items that culminated in a beautiful collaboration for a simple Sunday dinner. I think the inspiration started earlier in the week when my Wine Collective delivery came and this bottle was in the package.

I’ve talked about before but one of the things that I like about their wine delivery is that they suggest meals to pair with the wine. And you guessed it, one of the items that was suggested with this wine was charcuterie. So that seed was planted in my mind early in the week.

Fast forward to Saturday, after a long month I finally made it back out to Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and picked up some treats. Among them was a loaf of multigrain sourdough and with that the food part of my charcuterie board started to build.

Later in the day my son wanted to get some froyo so off we went to the Tutti Frutti down on 17th Avenue. While we were heading down I remembered Janice Beaton Cheese shop was in the area so I thought if I could pop in there I would pick up some more supplies.

I have never been to Janice Beaton before but I was very happy when I walked inside. Everything I needed to build my board was right there.

Janice Beaton Cheese

I started out with the cheese and chose the Smokehouse Cheddar and the Raclette du Savoie. Then it was time to move on to the meat.

Janice Beaton Charcuterie

I decided to pick up the Ham and Garlic Ring and the Wild Boar Terrine. Everything was coming together. I grabbed a pack of my favorite crackers and went to pay.

Janice Beaton Bacon Marmalade

Then I saw these jars and decided I needed this too. Come on, Bacon Marmalade?

Now everything was in place for our Sunday dinner. The only thing I was missing was some mustard for my husband. So I picked up a jar of his favorite at Market 17 at Casel Marche when I was there Sunday afternoon.

This is what the final product looked like. The only other thing I added was something I already had in the fridge, sweet gherkins.

Charcuterie Board

Everything was delicious and both my husband and I particularly liked the Raclette du Savoie cheese. It was a bit smelly out of the package but the smooth, creamy taste was wonderful. And Wine Collective was spot on with the suggestion, the wine was a perfect pairing.

Thanks to for the inspiration and to old and new friends for helping put the rest together. It’s always a pleasure to be at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Market 17. And I will definitely have to get back to Janice Beaton Cheese.


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