Wouldn’t It Be Nice If We Had a … Sushi Restaurant

Hello my friends, the food blog is back.  My month-long project is complete and if you are interested to see what I was up to check out Our Paris Our France.  It was a lot of fun putting that blog together but I am excited to get back to writing about food.

And on that note, I have decided to start a new topic.  I’m still going to continue with the Treat of the Week posts but I also want to start something called “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a …”.  How did this come about?  Well, when my husband and I moved down to the south of Calgary ten years ago from downtown, we were excited to explore our new area.  The reality was though, when we got down here we lost the variety of restaurants we enjoyed downtown.  Quite often we would say to each other, we love this neighborhood but wouldn’t it be great if we had a, insert your kind of restaurant, down here.

Ten years are a long time and our neighborhood is growing, new places are popping up.  So I decided I would start talking about the good restaurants that are opening in our area that are fulfilling that wouldn’t it be nice question.

Let me begin with sushi, that was our biggest loss when we moved down here.  We both love sushi, in fact on our first date we ate at a sushi restaurant.  Back then we had to travel well out of our area to find decent sushi.  That all changed a couple of years ago when a little place opened at 2335 162 Avenue SW called Li-Ao Sushi.  The place is so popular it has even expanded since it first opened so I guess we weren’t the only ones looking for a sushi restaurant.

And what makes them so good?  Well their food is very affordable and the fish is of good quality.  We have done mostly take away from them and have been very pleased.  Every once in a while we feel adventurous and take our son with us.  The atmosphere in the restaurant is fun and they welcome you every time with one of their new, complimentary creations.  The last time we were there we had a deep fried wonton, with spicy salmon and spicy mayo.  Our son will eat the tempura and he even gets to pick the free box of Pocky before we head home.  We like going there as it is family friendly and we can get some tasty food.

Li-Ao Sushi Calgary Tuna

Li-Ao Sushi Calgary Spicy Wonton

Li-Ao Sushi Calgary Tempura

A few months ago we started watching with interest as a new Kinjo Sushi restaurant started being built down the hill at 4000, 150 Millrise Blvd SW.  We have been to the  Kinjo location on Macleod Trail and have enjoyed the food and Peter Kinjo’s entertainment.  The Millrise location opened a month ago and this past week my husband and I were lucky enough to give it a try on a date night.

We walked in and both were impressed with the well decorated, very large restaurant.  There were a lot of staff on hand, ready and willing to serve.  And it looked like they were all needed because when we walked out the place started filling up.

Kinjo Sushi Millrise

We didn’t eat anything too exciting but stayed pretty close to our favorites, some nigiri, rolls, veggie tempura and agedashi tofu.  It didn’t matter, the food was tasty and we really enjoyed our two free plates, green beans and assorted rolls.

Kinjo Sushi Millrise

Kinjo Sushi Millrise

Kinjo Sushi Millrise

For those of you who are familiar with Kinjo, you know when Peter is around he puts on quite a show.  Even though Peter wasn’t there the night we were, we did mention his name and they still gave us a show with our box of Pocky before we left.

Kinjo Sushi Millrise Pocky

So guess what?  We can’t complain about not having a good sushi restaurant in our area anymore, now we have two!  If you find yourself in the south of Calgary and are craving sushi I highly recommend both  Li-Ao and Kinjo Sushi.


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