Christmas Musings

I have had a post brewing in my head for the last few days and I just have to laugh at how things turn out. You’ll see what I mean soon.

This past weekend I was thinking about my Grandma, my Dad’s Mom. When we were kids we spent a lot of time with her. I remember her being the glue that held us all together. Every Christmas we all met as a family and feasted. Now, I have a very big family. Hosting some times 20 to 30 people for a meal is no small feat, especially with small houses with not a lot of room. I remember spending lots of time with my siblings and cousins in a back room while our Auntie’s entertained us. And when it came to eat we crowded around a coffee table with our plates enjoying our meals. Afterwards we’d relax and occasionally my crazy Uncle Joe would break out in a dance with a beer in hand. It was all good times.

Then the year I was thirteen my Grandma passed in November. That was the first time in my life I remember not having the crazy Christmas with my family. It was weird. I also think my Mom had to work that day. To make things easier for Mom, and because there was no big family dinner we ate Christmas buffet somewhere. It was Christmas but somehow not. That year was a game changer.

We have spent many great get togethers with the family since that Christmas but that was the year my focus shifted. Even though I couldn’t say this all those years ago I knew you had to count your blessings on that day and enjoy the fellowship you have. Things will not always be the same and you have to embrace change and enjoy the surprises of Christmas as they come.

So this was the initial thought in my head on Sunday when I started thinking about this post. Then Monday rolls around and I get word late in afternoon that my Mom had a fall and my family had to take her to the hospital. As it turns out my Mom broke her elbow and she was in surgery on Christmas Eve.

Today is Christmas Day and she is still healing up so we spent some time with her in the hospital. I just thought it was funny, ironic how things turn out. Does it suck she is in the hospital? Of course, that’s not exactly where you want to be at any time. But we enjoyed our visit and I love my family. It may not have been traditional but we were still together and able to be with Mom.

So, I know this is not a food post but I still wanted to share. Merry Christmas everyone and for those of you who stayed to the end here’s a photo of the amazing cake we had for dinner at my Mother-in-law’s. It’s Sidewalk Citizen Bakery’s Apple Cake with Maple Cream Cheese icing. Merry Christmas everyone. May you find the blessings in the season and share many smiles.



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