Treat of the Week – Pomelo

Before I get to this week’s Treat of the Week I thought I would share a little about what is happening with my weight loss.  It has been a long time since I have talked about 40 for 40, a really long time, but it has resurfaced.  For two weeks now I have been trying to lose weight and it has been working.  If you want to see how I am doing it, check out my Project 40 for 40 page, it will tell you all the details.

When I first stepped on the scale two weeks ago I had a pleasant surprise.  I hadn’t gained or lost anything from when I last weighed myself about a year ago, I was at 8 pounds down.  So that was my starting point.  As of today I am happy to say I am a total of 14 pounds down, and that is from when I started this whole business two years ago.  So here I go, the easy part is down and now the hard part comes.

My goal this year is to figure out how to balance writing the food blog and lose weight at the same time.  I’m determined to make it work!  Hopefully you will see more 40 for 40 updates this year and healthier Treat of the Week posts.  And that’s how this week’s Treat of the Week came to be.

Now I am going to talk about pomelos.  I have never had a pomelo before but this week I saw one and I thought I would like to try it.  For those of you who don’t know, it is very much like a grapefruit.  I did a little research online before eating it and I found out there was a certain way to peel it as the rind is quite thick.


First you have to cut a cap off the top, then make slices down the side.  Next you stick your fingers in and peel the skin away, kind of like opening a flower.  After you take all the skin away you need to put your thumb in the top and pull the fruit in two, just as you would do if you were eating an orange.  But that is not it.  To get at the fruity part you need to peel away the membrane as it is too thick to eat.  I found it was easiest to take one side of the membrane away with my fingers and bring the fruit up to your mouth and eat it that way.

Pomelo Flower

This may sound like messy, hard work but it was so worth it.  It tastes like a sweeter grapefruit and it’s texture is quite unique.  I loved discovering this new to me fruit and would definitely try it again.

Pomelo Fruit

So stay tuned for next week.  I’m not sure how the posts will look but I’ll definitely update my weight loss every weekend.  We’ll see how Treat of the Week evolves from there, it depends on how my week inspires me.  I am excited to see what happens.  Have a great week everyone.


2 thoughts on “Treat of the Week – Pomelo

  1. Heather,
    This is one of my favourites! If you ever travel to SE Asia you should try it there. It is so much better! It is very popular in the Philippines where the inside is much more pink and more sweet than sour! I am glad we get them here, but it’s just not the same! Also bonus, if you get one on that side of the world, you probably won’t have to peel it! What a pain!
    These sour ones are good for salads and stuff like that, or I like to drizzle some honey on top to make it more sweet!

    • Thanks for all the tips Callista. I don’t mind the sour so much. When I first tried these it was just so new to me. Now whenever I see them I try to pick one up. And I kind of like the peeling business, it’s part of the adventure.

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