Treats of the Week – Anju and Avocados

This week started out with a really great treat.  Last Sunday I was lucky enough to snag reservations for Model Milk’s Sunday Supper featuring the delicious Korean food from Roy Oh.  Mike and I have had memorable meals at Roy’s old Anju location that closed down a few months ago and in fact, Anju was the first restaurant I talked about on the blog.  I have missed the Oxtail Tortellini and Korean Fried Chicken Wings.  I also enjoyed some new tastes like the amazing Plancha Seared Mackerel and addictive Red Bean filled Donut Holes.  It was fun to a get a glimpse of what’s to come at Roy’s new Anju Restaurant, which will be opening very soon.  I can’t wait!  The other nice thing about the evening was sharing the family style meal with old and new friends.

The light was not great so I didn’t get many photos but here’s the menu and a very blurry shot of the donuts.  I would have been very happy if I walked out of there with a bag of those.

Model Milk Anju pop up menu

Anju Pop Up Donuts

Now to talk about the healthy portion of this post.  I had purchased some avocados last weekend and at that time they were still quite hard.  I left them on the counter to soften them up a bit and then forgot about them.  I panicked on Wednesday when I rediscovered them and they were soft.  I had no time to eat them so I put them in the fridge hoping they would last for a couple more days.  On Thursday I got home later and was starving.  I looked in the fridge and the avocados were calling my name.  All I did was mash one up, mixed it with some green salsa and salt and had it on a toasted English muffin.  What a satisfying snack.

The other avocado I had was sliced up and thrown in with some grapefruit for a salad at work the next day.  I have talked about that salad before on the blog too, you can find the recipe here.

Avocado Grapefruit Salad

Some people may not think that avocados are good when trying to lose weight because of the calorie and fat content.  But they are chock-a-block full of nutrients and fibre.  If you eat half of one they are only about 160 calories, they will fill you up and they are really tasty.  Yes they are high in fat but it is the healthy kind of fat we all need in our diet, monounsaturated fat.  So don’t be afraid to eat them.


Ok, ok, for those of you wondering about 40 for 40, yes there was weight loss too this week.  As of today I am 15 pounds down, only 25 more to go.  See you next week.


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