40 for 40 Update – February 1

What a great week it’s been. It’s weird to say but it’s been like a honeymoon week. Those of you who have been through weight loss know what I’m talking about. This past week I have been focused. I didn’t stray from healthy eating and had amazing energy to get my activity in. The weight is starting to feel like it is dropping off my body and best of all? I am starting to fit back into clothes I haven’t worn for a couple of years. I might even have to buy a new belt in a couple of weeks. What could be better than that? Nothing. I’m feeling good.

It’s validating too when the results back up how you are feeling. I was interested and excited to step on the scale this morning. When I did I discovered I had lost two pounds this week. Awesome! So the journey continues, I am now 17 pounds down! And again, I stress that this is from when I started my weight loss journey two years ago. Yes it has been a good week.

So there isn’t a healthy treat of the week but I wanted to share this photo with you. I know I talk about Fiasco Gelato a lot but they are just really special to me. This week they introduced their Valentine’s Day flavours and I strongly suggest you get out and try them. They are offered not only at their test kitchen but at five Bernard Callebaut locations throughout the city. My particular favourite on this splurge day is the Dark Chocolate Raspberry, so sweet.

Have a great week everyone.



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