40 for 40 Update – March 1

I am a little behind but I must tell you even though I haven’t been writing, good things have been happening.  The weight loss continues and I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Today, I am at a total of 23 pounds down.  Yes 23 pounds!

I haven’t been at this weight for at least five years and it feels good.  I also met one of my goals today.  When my husband and I were in Las Vegas five years ago I bought this really great jacket.  The problem was when we got back I was on the verge of gaining all my weight back and pretty soon the jacket didn’t fit anymore.

Two years ago when I started this journey it was one of my goals to fit back into that jacket.  It is pretty much one of the first things in my closet and I see it everyday.  Some days I look at it and say forget it, and some days I look at it with a smile knowing I will get to wear it again soon.

Today I tried it on for the first time in a very long time.  And it fit!  And it didn’t just fit, it fit properly.  I am so excited and happy.  Now I am hoping that I won’t shrink out of it by the time spring rolls around when I want to wear it.  These are good problems to have.

So here is a motivational tip I learned from Weight Watchers that paid off today.  Put your goal somewhere where you can see it, look at and remind you of what you are working for.  Some people put a photo on their fridge or on their desk to remind them everyday what their goal is.  I hung a jacket in my closet where I would see it everyday.  It’s a gentle reminder of what you are working towards and in my case it also had an achievable result.

So that was my week and today is splurge day. And for the food people in my life who haven’t already seen these, here is what I have been noshing on today to celebrate.  I’ll be back to the business of losing weight tomorrow.


Candied Ginger Chocolate and Garden Herb Cheddar Scones, recipe from http://www.patentandthepantry.com

Donair Grill

Mixed Combo with Tzatziki combined with Siracha from Donair Grill.

Donair Grill Baklava

Baklava from Donair Grill.


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