A Little Bit of Everything

I have so much I want to talk about so I am just going to get started.

First, some of you may be wondering about Project 40 for 40.  I’m going to be honest with you, it is not really happening right now. Last month I decided to take a week off for my birthday and the week off never really stopped.  In the back of my head I still think about it so I’m attempting to eat salads and get healthy food in me but I am not tracking.  And I haven’t stepped on the scale in a month so I don’t know where I am at.  The 40 for 40 journey will continue as soon as I get my head back in the game which will hopefully be soon.

But in the meantime, there is a fun event happening in Calgary that started this week, YYC Burger Week.  I have tasted some of the offerings so far and I will post more about that next weekend.  I encourage you to get out and try some burgers.  The money raised goes to three great local charities so it’s not all about the food.  But the burgers are awesome too.

YYC Burger Week

But that isn’t all I wanted to talk to you about. This past week my son’s school held it’s first ever Cultural Night.  I was really excited that they decided to do this and was looking forward to the evening.  The response was amazing and we had 300 people indicate they would come with about 30 different countries represented!

When I walked into the gym that night it was so cool to see kids dressed up in the costumes from their cultures and performing dances they have learned.  But the highlight for me were tables with artifacts from the cultures and of course full of all kinds of food.  I was helping with a table outside of the gym so I didn’t quite get to see all the festivities.  And I definitely didn’t get a chance to eat as much as I wanted but I was really happy with what I tried.

Egypt Table



My favourite thing of the night was this guy.  While I was watching my table outside he walked by holding this treat.  I asked him what it was and he said it was Raisin White Rice Cake.  That then sparked a conversation that he was from South Korea and his Mom made this treat that he loved.  I immediately sent my husband in to get me one and they were so good.

Korean Raisin White Rice Cake

Now I didn’t sign up for a country because we are Canadian.  Even though our family originates from Scotland I don’t make haggis and I’m very sad to say I don’t have any kilts in the house.  But my fellow country men, both Canadian and Scots had me covered.  The United Kingdom table had a representative from MacEwan’s Meats with a crockpot full of haggis, carrots, and turnip.  I hadn’t had haggis since I was last in Scotland quite a while ago so this was a nice treat.


Not to be forgotten my fellow Canadians represented us well.  In a hallway away from the gym they set up a mini hockey game where all the kids were able to get their energy out.  And of course the Canadian table was full of butter tarts, maple leaf cookies and Timbits.

Canada Table

What a fun night, and my son even tried some new food which for us is an accomplishment.  I can’t wait until we do it again next year.


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