Cooking With Daniel Costa and Tavola

This week was a busy week for me.  On the first day of my new job I was invited to attend a special event and even though I was tired I was excited to go.  Renowned Edmonton Chef Daniel Costa left his restaurant, Corso 32 and came to visit Calgary to launch his new Tavola app.

The evening was casual, set up very much like a cocktail party.  We were welcomed into the backyard/garden oasis and congregated around a very large table as we waited for the delicious food to be delivered.

While we waited we were able to check out the app on the iPads provided. On a side note, the app is only available on iTunes currently but the developers hope to expand to android soon.  What you find on the app are mouthwatering and spectacular photos of Chef Costa’s amazing food.  Then there are ingredient lists and recipes that instruct you how to make all this food at home.  There is even a tab to let you know suggested wine pairings.

Tavola App Calgary Launch Party

Then the food came to the table and I knew that I would be using this app at home.  My favourite dish of the night was the Fava Bean and Sweat Pea Crostini.  But I also enjoyed the Parmigiano with Black Truffle Honey and the Bucatini All Amatriciana.  It was nice to end the day with friends drinking good wine and eating excellent food.

Tavola Fava Bean and Spring Pea Crostini

Tavola Bucatini All Amatriciana

Fast forward to the weekend.  On Friday night I still had the launch party on my mind so I had to try the app for myself.  The first thing to do was download the app from iTunes, sorry android users.  The app is free and when you download it there are some free recipes available.  If you would like to see more there are some additional recipes available for purchase from the store.  One of the recipes I wanted to make was free and then the other I had to find (which was easy) and purchased in a set of recipes for $1.99.

Once I had the recipes I looked at the simple ingredient lists and used the export feature provided to copy the ingredients into my notes app.  Then Saturday I was off to the Italian Supermarket with an easy to find grocery list at hand.

Later in the day I got to cooking using the step by step instructions.  Once I started I decided to try the cool in feature app that allows you to listen to the chef’s playlist while cooking.  There was a bit of a glitch as I couldn’t get the music playing properly but I tweeted about it later and the guys immediately asked for the info to look at making improvements.

In less than an hour I had dinner on the table and we were enjoying wonderful Italian food.  The dishes I made were not as good as Chef Costa’s but I have to tell you it was pretty tasty.  As we ate the Parmigiano with Black Truffle Honey and Bucatini All Amatriciana I was quite happy with the results.  The beauty of this entire thing is you can make good food with simple ingredients, pairing the right things together.  And for this self professed non-cook I was pleased I was able to make this meal in my own home.

Parmigiano with Honey

My Tavolo Bucatini All Amatriciana

And what about my boys?  Well, hubby loved it and the wee man surprised me.  He went right for the Parmigiano and couldn’t get enough of it.  The pasta was too spicy for him so after dinner I used the in app feature to ask Chef Costa what his suggestions would be for next time.  Your question gets tweeted out and the next morning I had an answer to my question waiting for me.

Do I recommend using the Tavola app, I think you already know the answer to that question.  If you have an iPhone or iPad get on over to iTunes and give it a try.  And hopefully you android users will be able to try all these great recipes soon.

Tavola App Dinner


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