Tasty Treat Thursday – Breakfast Burritos

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for something fun, so how about something fun?

Those of you who follow me on social media know that every Thursday in my office is Tasty Treat Thursday.  We started it back in the fall and it really is a chance to sit down with each other outside of the daily grind. We only take 15 minutes as a group to relax, chat and enjoy some delicious food.  It may be the treats that bring us together but it’s the conversation and the small break that keeps us going to the end of the week.

How it works is someone different from our team is assigned a week.  As a result, we have had a lot of boxes of donuts come in but there are some talented people (or wives of people) in our group.  Some weeks we have been spoiled and have had personal sized bags of baked goods come in.  We even had one week where we pigged out on popcorn.

Jelly Modern Donuts

Kernels Popcorn

I think my favourite of all was the week one of my coworkers had her teenage son bake some cookies.  One batch turned out and I was pretty impressed.  However, one batch did not so instead she brought in some fruit and spring rolls to make sure we had enough food.

Cookies by Davis

Spring Rolls from Western Coffee Shop

A couple of weeks ago it was my turn.  Of course I have been thinking about what I would do since the list was announced back in October.  I had so many things come into my mind but then my world fell apart when my Aunt died and I was tired.  I thought maybe I could go buy some pastries from Corbeaux and be done with it.  In fact I even mentioned that a couple of weeks before my week came but the scornful looks I received at that comment were priceless.  No pressure!

All inspiration had left me, anything I had thought of before simply wasn’t good enough.  I had a few limitations as we don’t have a proper kitchen in our office, only a microwave, so whatever I brought would have to be made ahead of time.  I also wanted to have a savoury treat as something different.  Then I started scouring Pinterest for ideas.  I was on the Food Bloggers of Canada board and the bright light popped through the clouds when I saw fellow bloggers Jo and Sue’s Avocado Breakfast Pizza recipe.

I would be cooking for about 20 people in a limited kitchen.  I thought making enough food for that many pizzas would be difficult so I decided to change it up.  I took all the parts from their recipe and made Build Your Own Breakfast Burritos instead.

I stayed true to Jo and Sue’s concept, just increased the number of ingredients.  I fried up a whole package of bacon, used a dozen eggs and mashed half a dozen avocados.  I cheated a little and bought shredded cheese and tortilla shells.  Shhhhh.  I did make my own salsa though.  I posted that one a while back; you can find the recipe here.

Because I love the sweet I had to bake something for everyone too.  I had quite a few black bananas in the freezer so I decided to keep it easy and made my reliable Banana Bread recipe from Spilling the Beans.  The recipe for that is on the blog too, you can find it here.  The only thing I did differently, because I had some kicking around that I wanted to use up, was add half a cup of butterscotch chips in at the end.

Banana Bread with Butterscotch Chips

After spending the time in my kitchen the night before to get everything ready I felt prepared.  I got to work on Thursday morning, warmed the eggs up in the microwave and set it all up buffet style.

Build Your Own Breakfast Burrito Buffet

Build Your Own Breakfast Burrito Ingredients

When 9:00 am rolled around my co-workers came into the kitchen to eat their treats.  And everyone loved them.  I was content drinking my cup of coffee and eating my own plate watching everyone enjoy their food.  There is nothing better than sitting back and watching people relax knowing that you helped facilitate that.  And for me, that was the real treat.

Tasty Treat Thursday Breakfast Burrito and Banana Bread


2 thoughts on “Tasty Treat Thursday – Breakfast Burritos

  1. I think it would be a treat to working in the same office with you, Heather. You are so kind and you put on a spread of food for your coworkers!

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