Calgary Restaurant Roundup

After my last post I was thinking about all the great restaurants we have in Calgary.  I wanted to share with you some of these places but I can’t be everywhere at once so I thought I would enlist some help from my friends.  Below you will find links to my fellow Calgary blogger’s pages sharing their experiences in the past year at some local eateries.

Calgary Restaurant Roundup

Bernice at Dish’n’the Kitchen decided to share a recent meal at Market.  At every FRESH dinner at Market the passion of the chefs shines through with every plate, so too does the passion of each patron and volunteer; from each garden volunteer to the garden managers and sponsors.

Dish'n'the Kitchen Market

From Merry at Merry About Town we have a post about one of my new favourite places in townVisiting the Simmons Building in The East Village of Calgary is both a foodie adventure and a step back into the past. Read about how three Calgary foodie institutions came together to form the cornerstone of the newly gentrified East Village.

Merry About Town Charbar

This year has seen a few new Brazilian Steakhouses open in town.  One of these was Pampa and they brought their Edmonton restaurant to Calgary and Fareen at Food Mama wrote about it.

Food Mama Pampa

And last but not least, new comer to the Calgary food blogger scene, Aadil from Beltline Bites wrote about GrumansCraving a bit of East Coast comfort food? Instead of booking a plane ticket, just head down to Grumans. They offer matzo ball soup, smoked meat, homemade pickles and a load of other deli classics. Another one of Calgary’s hidden gems that take the time to make everything in house, leading to majorly delicious bites.

Beltline Bites Gruman's

Thanks everyone and happy eating in Calgary!



7 thoughts on “Calgary Restaurant Roundup

  1. My, Calgary has changed. I haven’t lived there since Country Hills Blvd was the outskirts of the city, and all the fields were awesome for bombing around in my Volkswagen Rabbit.
    It seems the restaurant scene has picked up there. I studied Professional Cooking At SAIT, and I would have loved to visit restaurants like these 16 years ago. La Chaumière was the “best” restaurant to visit back then. My, things have changed!
    I’ll see more when I visit next, and now I know where to visit. Thanks!

    • Absolutely. I am a born and raised Calgarian Jason and I am so glad to see that things have grown from the old school steak places. We are really lucky. And a lot of the chefs out here have trained at SAIT. When you make it back to Calgary you’ll have to let me know. Would love to meet up.

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