Nature’s Path #OnMyPath Giveaway

In my last post I mentioned that I am eating healthier these days.  I tried to do that last year but every time I got started something new would happen to throw me off track.  By the end of the year I ended up not feeling healthy or good about myself and I knew something had to change.  So I’m making baby steps and getting back to basics, just like I always do.  Doing things like eating more fruits and vegetables and trying to get more activity in.  And it has been working.

There is one company that has a small part in my journey and that is Nature’s Path.  Most of my mornings start with their instant oatmeal.  I really feel that they have the best product on the market and it fills me up and keeps me going until lunch, no problem.

Nature's Path Instant Oatmeal

A lot of the time they also close out my day.  When I’m sitting quietly at home in the evening I often want something a little sweet to munch on.  That’s when I end up having some yogurt, sprinkled with a sampling of Nature’s Path granola and fruit.  It satisfies my craving.

Nature's Path Granola with Yogurt

A big thank you goes out to Nature’s Path for keeping me on my path.  And you know how great Nature’s Path are?  They want to help keep you on your path too.  They are doing this by giving you TWO chances to win some of their marvelous product.

The first way is by winning a grand prize of organic granola for a year.  Here’s how to enter.  Tell Nature’s Path how you’re getting healthy and what’s on your path for 2016 by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using both hashtags: #OnMyPath and #GranolaForAYear.

The prize includes everything you need to get back on a healthy path including:

  • Nature’s Path granola and organic breakfast foods for a year
  • DIY Vegan, by Nicole Axworthy & Lisa Pitman – recipe book including more than 100 ways to create an awesome plant-based pantry
  • Un-Junk Your Diet by Desiree Nielsen, R.D. – how to shop, cook and eat to feel better forever

The thing to keep in mind for this is that the grand prize contest closes February 28, 2016.

The other way you can win some amazing cereal is here on this very blog.  Yes, I want to keep you on your healthy path too.  Nature’s Path has graciously given me one of these boxes to give away to you.

Nature's Path #OnMyWay Giveaway

All you need to do is click on the link below to access my Rafflecopter link and it will tell you what to do next. This contest is open to Canadian and US residents only and the winner will be required to answer a skill testing (not that hard) question.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone and I’m looking forward to hearing how you are all keeping #onyourpath.


63 thoughts on “Nature’s Path #OnMyPath Giveaway

  1. Hmm, for a healthy 2016 honestly I haven’t separated 2016 from 2015 as I always have health goals on-going. Right now it is about cutting down on my workouts (like having one day off a week) for a physical and mental break 🙂

  2. Trying hard to have my fruit smoothies every day, exercise and drink 5 of my BKR bottles each day! It helps when I put colourful elastic bands on my bottle. That way, I can keep track of how many I have drank and how many more I need to drink!

    • I think that’s the perfect way to do it. I have a friend at work who does something similar to keep track of her water intake. She puts wine charms on her straw for her water and every time she finishes drinking a full one she takes the wine charm off. Her goal at the end of the day is no wine charms!

  3. I really enjoy the things you post. I have started my 2016 trying to get healthier as well. I am 29 days smoke free. We go for walks 3 days a week and we have been reading labels on everything we buy now and are working on eating healthier. Thanks for your inspiration. 💕

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