Canadian Beef, Bringing Families of All Types to the Dinner Table

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend an event called Canadian Beef Family Dinner at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence.  Even though I have been to the Centre before and love it there, I was especially excited to attend this event.  Paul Brandt was going to be there followed by a celebrity family cook-off burger competition.  I knew it was going to be different, special.

The evening came and it was all that and more.  Before we got into the festivities we were invited to watch this video.  Watch it, I’ll wait for you to finish.

It kind of makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, glad to be a Canadian, eh?  Well, this was the start of the night.  Then we watched Paul perform a couple of songs live and then ate and visited, and visited, and visited.  I have to confess, I didn’t eat much because almost everyone I knew from the Calgary food blogging community was there that night.

About half way through the event I thought how great that Canadian Beef and Brookline PR could facilitate this amazing night and make it feel like home.  We have a large but close blogger community here in Calgary and we almost never get to celebrate all together like that.  It wasn’t my immediate family but I thought it considerate that the table was set for us to enjoy each other’s company, my extended family.

Candian Beef Centre of Excellence Set Their Table for Family Dinner

The Canadian Beef Centre table set for Family Dinner.

And then I was asked to write this post, to celebrate Canadian Beef bringing my family to the dinner table.  I started to reminisce, I do this a lot.  I remember how much beef played an important role in the family dinner of my early life.

The beef experience commenced before we sat down to the table, almost like a ritual, regardless of the season.  The cooking would begin and the aroma would waft through the house.  In the winter it was beef stew, in the summer it was burgers or steaks on the BBQ.

Canadian Beef and Barley Stew from Homegrown the Cookbook

Canadian Beef and Barley Stew.

As our meal cooked, we would salivate waiting for everything to be ready.  Then Mom would call us to the table and we’d enjoy our anticipated meal together, as a family.

And now that I have a family of my own we also do this.

We are lucky here, not only in Alberta but in Canada too.  I can stop at any farmers market or grocery store and pick up Canadian Beef to serve my family.  Here are some facts about Canadian Beef.

Canada Beef heads up a league of farmers and ranchers from each and every province that work together. They are greater than the sum of the parts as they continue to work towards a common goal.


  • The beef industry contributes almost $25 billion to the Canadian economy annually.
  • Canada is the 8th largest exporter of beef in the world. 
  • 35% of Canada’s beef is exported.

Sustainable Farming

  • In Canada, 1 in 3 acres of agricultural land is not suitable for growing crops but is suitable for grazing cattle.
  • Canadians enjoy around 930K tonnes of beef a year
  • Feeding high energy grains lowers the environmental footprint of finishing cattle.

For all these reasons I am pleased to serve Canadian Beef in my home.  This past weekend was unique as we happened to have my Mother in Law over to visit.  She doesn’t often come to our house on the weekend so I asked her to stay for dinner.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but family dinner doesn’t have to be.  We enjoyed burgers and potatoes and each other.  And that’s Canadian Beef bringing my family to the dinner table.

Canadian Beef Family Dinner with Roaming Alberta Meats Burgers

Wagyu Beef Burgers from Roaming Alberta Meats for Family Dinner, Canadian Beef Style.

Canadian Beef Family Dinner

Disclosure – This post is part of the #makeitCDNbeef influencer program.  All thoughts and opinions on this blog are my own. Beef facts provided by Canadian Beef.


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