Healthy Lunch Options in Mission Calgary

Can you believe it’s February?  The month of January just flew by.  It seems like just yesterday we rang in 2017.  For us it was quiet.  I was feeling under the weather and stayed home on New Year’s Eve.  We as a family, our little family of three, sat together on our couch, snuggled under blankets watching movies together with snow falling outside.  And it was at that moment I realized my purpose for 2017.  This, more of this.  I want to get back to basics.

So that is what I have been doing this month.  First and foremost I have been focusing on me and getting myself healthy so I can be a better wife, mom, and friend to myself.  I know every year I talk about losing weight and this year is no different.  For the past month I have been quietly working on that goal.  And it’s working.  I have more energy, I feel lighter, and I’m feeling more  like myself maybe for the first time in about four or five years.

I know most people think losing weight is physical thing but really, to me, it’s a mental exercise.  Yes, what happens to you when you lose weight is physical but you’re not going to get there unless your head is in the game.  It takes mental toughness to create that goal and stay on it.  It takes organizational and planning skills to meal prep and make sure everything is ready for you to succeed.  And it takes thinking ahead and making plans for when you are in a situation where you aren’t sure what you are going to do.

And here’s what I mean by that.  Most of my week days I bring  lunch to work and eat with my Ladies.  But from time to time, you forget lunch or you get invited out.  And in my case, because I’m a food blogger, people come to me for restaurant suggestions.  That puts me in control so I need to make sure that I have some restaurants in mind where I can get food that fits in with my eating plan.

So here they are.  I work in Mission Calgary so all of these restaurants are on Fourth Street, very close to my office.  If I can’t eat my pre-made lunch these are the next best thing.

Aida’s Bistro


Aida’s Bistro is one of my favourite spots on Fourth Street.  The food is very tasty and I love the Fattoush Salad.  It’s fresh, healthy and the pita chips on top give it that extra punch.  If you are needing some protein I like to get a side of Garlic Prawns.

Aida’s Bistro – 2208 4th Street SW; Calgary, AB; T2S 1W9

Foo Calgary


Foo Calgary is one of the new comers on the street and a visit to their restaurant can be overwhelming because they have so many classic Asian street food dishes to choose from.  Very often when you order things like their Pad Thai or the Kimchi Fried Rice you are served a huge portion of food that is enough for two or three lunches.  However, I  found this bright Tuna Tataki that is portioned out perfectly for one meal.  The Tuna is fresh, the Soba Noodles fill you up and the Cucumber Ribbons with Miso Vinaigrette just brighten the entire dish.  This is an excellent option while your friends and co-workers end up bringing home take away boxes full of leftovers.

Foo Calgary – 2015 4th Street SW; Calgary, AB; T2S 1W6

OP to Go


OP to Go is a convenient option for me because I don’t even need to go outside the building to reach them.  They serve normal Vietnamese fare, like my favourite, Rice Vermicelli with Pork and Spring Rolls.  But I recently learned that on the first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar month they also offer vegan dishes.  The day that I was in they served me a Tamarind Soup with crunchy sprouts that offered an interesting texture.  The hearty broth was sweetened with pineapple and the noodles were cooked perfectly.

OP to Go – 2024 4th Street SW; Calgary, AB; T2S 1W3 

Blaze Pizza



Another new restaurant on the street, and in my building, is Blaze Pizza.  Blaze is an attractive choice for so many reasons.  Their menu is clearly marked with the calorie count on each item which makes choosing healthy easy. You can opt for one of their own pizzas, like the Red Vine, or make your own.  Because you can choose as many toppings as you like, much like Subway, you can control what goes on your pizza.  They also offer a good selection of salads that come with a side of dressing, allowing you to control how much goes on.  You can eat in or take away so everything about this is really a win win.

Blaze Pizza – 2032 4th Street SW; Calgary, AB; T2S 1W3

So if you are on Fourth Street in Calgary and you are looking for an alternative to Subway or Mucho Burrito here are some things you can try. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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