Granary Road Calgary

I want to tell all my Calgary people about a new place that opened this past summer.  BUT, I’m guessing by how busy it has been the last couple of times I’ve been you know about it already.  That’s ok, I’m going to talk about it anyway.

Yes, it’s Granary Road.  Granary Road is an Active Learning Park for kids of all ages and also a Market full of eclectic vendors and great places to eat.

The Market will be open year round but I wanted to focus a little bit on the Active Learning Park.  Even though summer is just about over the park itself is open until the end of October.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit you can still get your chance.

The park is obviously geared towards kids with the many play areas but there are also interactive learning exhibits for everyone.  Like the Mushroom Meander area, the kids will have fun learning about foraging for truffles while there are tons of fun facts about the different kinds of mushrooms out there.

There is a petting zoo with a variety of farm animals with knowledgeable staff that answer all your questions.  And if you need to let the kids get the wiggles out there are lots of areas for that.

If you don’t have children with you I think you can still enjoy yourself.  Grab a coffee from the Market and go for a walk.  There are moments of peace to be found, you just need to know where to find them.

And of course there is the Market itself.  It’s a huge open space with tall ceilings.  As I mentioned there are some great vendors and places to eat inside.  Instead of trying to talk about all of them here I think I am going to take some time through the months to come to give them the individual focus they deserve.

But in the meantime, here is a sneak peek, because I mentioned it earlier.  The minute you walk in the main doors you will find coffee at The Loft Bakery.  It’s the perfect welcome because you can drink that while you stroll through the Market.  And when you are done that stroll and your Market experience you can grab a snack to go from Calgary Mini Donuts! This is a personal favourite in our family.

So have fun exploring the Active Learning Park and the Market for yourself.  I know we have enjoyed our time there.  Oh, don’t forget to take a selfie in the bat cave!

Granary Road

226034 112th St West
MD of Foothills, AB, T0L 0X0

From most of Calgary travel South to Stoney Trail SE (also known as AB-22X) and go West. Drive West on Stoney Trail until 37th Street SW and turn left going South. Follow 37th St SW south until 226th Avenue W and turn right. Go approximately 1.5 kilometers and turn left onto 112th Street SW and you are there!

Active Learning Park at Granary Road: Open 9am to 5pm every day from April to October and weekend days for special Holiday/Winter events

The Public Market at Granary Road: Open year around Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 9:30am to 5:30pm


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